A church can provide a lot of great resources like practical teaching and inspiring worship, loving kidz ministries, and engaging student programs.  It can also offer a wide variety of support and recovery groups, classes and programs that cover a vast array of programs.  Still, it’s easy to feel like a face in the crowd in a church like FBC Rincon.  

That’s why we offer a number of carefully selected opportunities designed to help you find the next step that is right for you.  

We know that getting connected with others like you,

who are on a similar journey as you are, is key.


Our Sunday School classes are an array of lecture and discussion-oriented groups that meet on our church campus on Sundays at 9:45/11:00AM.  To try out a class, hit "connect" below to email us. 


Our Home Groups are discussion-oriented groups that meet in homes on any day of the week but Sunday mornings.  To try out one of our Home Groups, hit "connect" below to email us. 


A D-Group is an all men/all women closed group of 3 to 4 believers who participate together for the purpose of spiritual transformation/life change. D-Groups help create spiritual change through personal preparation for meetings, times with God, and roundtable discussions that take place 2-3 times each month.