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In 1901, several families in the Rincon area sensed a need for a new Baptist church. Their dream became a reality in the home of Mr. J.A. and Jessie Wall. Led by Rev. James Madison Cross, the Walls, Dr. William and Georgia Wilson, Mr. Samuel and Georgia Zittrouer, Mr. O.H. and Nancy Horn, Viola and Marion Horn, and Dr. Edward Griffin gathered to begin as a constituted Baptist church.

Throughout the 100+ years of ministry, the church has grown and been a blessing to its community in many ways. In 1963, it began its own kindergarten program, now known as Weekday Ministries.  In 1964, 1988, and 2001, the church started local mission churches around the cities of Rincon and Springfield. In 2008, the church launched a Hispanic mission church that continues to meet on the FBCR campus, though they purchased their own land in Rincon in 2015, with the intent to build and relocate.

Recently, the church started Local Cause, partnering with local ministries like Manna House, Family Promise, Foster Care Effingham, the Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon and others in the Savannah/Effingham metro area. Additionally the church was approached in March 2016 to help plant a new church in Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, or Vancouver. We are praying about that decision as preparations begin for that process in April 2016.  Finally, we are praying about global partnerships, whereby our church can play a vital role in partnering with missionaries and ministries that have a global impact.

During the last 114 years, the church has enjoyed the leadership of 19 pastors, each contributing to the ministry growth of the church, and during that time, the church has grown to occupy nearly three blocks in the city of Rincon.  Our goal though has always been to serve people and introduce them to Jesus Christ because we know the difference He has made in our lives and the difference He can make in their lives.