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Kidz (1st–5th Grades)

At FBCR the goal of our children’s ministry is to offer a place where children from first through fifth grade can discover and develop a passion for God. Through worship, teaching, and a variety of fun activities, children are exposed to God’s Word and challenged to grow in their relationship with God.

Kidz River Expedition Outfitters COMING SOON!!!

Adventure Begins Here! Come join the Great Adventure God has planned for your family. Kidz will learn why they were created and how to live for God by learning 1) Who God Is 2) How Much He Loves Them and 3) God’s Special Plan for their precious lives!

FBC Rincon Kidz Ministry exists to partner with Kidz and Families by providing the necessary resources needed to participate in this Great Adventure!

Trail Life Clubs For Boys

Trail Life USA is a Christian Outdoor Adventure, Character, and Leadership Program for boys and young men.  It meets on Wednesdays 7:00PM, on the second floor of the Kidz Building.  Visit to learn more about Trail Life Clubs or contact Shane Emmett (912) 856-9464.

American Heritage Girls

American Heritage Girls is a Christian-based Scouting-like organization for girls and young women. It meets on Wednesdays 7:00pm, upstairs in our Kidz building. Program for ages K-12 grades. Contact Jessica Russell (425)931-5186 or Morgan Davis (334)343-1428.

VBS (Summer)

VBS is a one-week adventure during the summer that focuses on leading kidz (K5-5th) to Christ.  It is a high-energy, fun, summertime crazy experience where kidz learn about God’s love for them and the plan He has for their lives.  This year, as our kidz focus their telescopes on the marvels painted in the sky by the Creator, they will discover the wonder among all wonders— that the God who created everything there is—the knowable and the unknowable, the visible and the invisible—wants a personal relationship with them!  We invite all kidz into our clubhouse this year so we can show them the God who loves them more than stars in the sky.

Weekday Ministries

Weekday Ministries is a ministries and educational outreach of First Baptist Church Rincon.  Its goal is to minister to families and assist in the development of their children through our programs.  Our current menu of classes includes:

  • Before and After School
    Pre-K–Age 12
    At the end of their school day, students receive a snack, as requested by the parents, and begin their homework while having opportunities to participate in a Bible devotion, outside activities, board games, and age-appropriate center play opportunities.
  • Summer Camp for School-Aged Children
    Runs from the first day school is out for the summer until school resumes the following August.  The camp hosts a Bible-based theme with accompanying planned activities, consisting of field trips and organized fun games and crafts.

Contact Weekday Ministries at (912) 826-2213.