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Church Family Events

Our church family enjoys spending time together and we do so on many different occasions. From Heritage Day to ice cream parties to Low Country Boils to BBQ Dinners to Easter Morning Breakfast to golf tournaments to road races to a vast array of other social gatherings, we celebrate our church family by being together, building relationships with one another, creating fun environments where we can invite our unchurched friends, and celebrating God’s goodness in our lives. All of these events are highlighted monthly on this website, in our bulletins, on our monthly calendars, and in our social media outlets.

Community Events

We think it is crucial that our church be involved in its community. So, whether a parade or some other type of community event, we like to have a presence to show our love for our community.

Local Cause

Local Cause defines our partnerships with the many great and active ministries already running strong in our community. As of March 2016, we are currently in an active partnership, meaning that we invest both people and money in these ministries, in Manna House, Family Promise, Faith Equestrian, the Pregnancy Care Center of Rincon, and . We are currently exploring other partnerships whereby we can serve the community of Effingham County.

Global Missions

We not only believe in serving our county, but we believe God has given us the responsibility of reaching out to the whole world. Recently the church was approached in March 2016 to help plant a new church in Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, or Vancouver. We are praying about that decision as preparations begin for that process in April 2016. Finally, we are praying about global partnerships, whereby our church can play a vital role in partnering with missionaries and ministries that have a global impact. The church has been involved previously in Europe and Africa.